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A Girl's Gotta Spa! Partners with Lilly's Bathcarry

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Does the Sun Really Age You? #Ad

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Travel Beauty

Review: O.N.E Olive Oil Nourishing Enrichment

There are very few of us…if any, that actually enjoy traveling via airplane.  I know I definitely love arriving at my destination but anything prior to that part is either stressful, boring or a complete pain.  First there’s waiting in line to check in, then to get through security, then to board and of course waiting on your luggage and hoping that it actually arrived on the same flight as you (doubly stressful if you’re attending a wedding out of town and your dress is in your suitcase.)

To avoid some of the stresses that come with flying, I try, whenever I can, to just travel with my purse and one carry on.  This more often than not, however, proves to be a challenge mainly due to my beauty products.  I will travel with one pair of jeans and a few tops for an entire week, but when it comes to my beauty products I experience anxiety at the thought of leaving anything behind, you just never know what beauty emergencies might arise and it’s always best to be prepared.

One of the ways of ensuring that all of my beauty products  make it in my carry on luggage is to buy tiny bottles or jars that are TSA approved and fill them with my products, since a lot of the products I use don’t seem to be available in travel sizes as yet.  This was great in theory, but I underestimated just how much of an appreciation I have for beauty products and was pretty bummed when  security informed me that my quart sized Ziploc bag had to actually be closed and not have products coming out the opening so I would have to get rid of some of my items to clear security…it was back to the drawing board, but thankfully not for long because I discovered O.N.E Olive Oil Nourishing Enrichment.

It is a multi-function wonder!  The oil can be used for soothing irritation from sunburns or shaving and waxing, to a basic face and body moisturizer, to a deep conditioning mask to revive hair from a drying day in the sun and salt water and best of all it is available in travel sized packets (15 travel sized packets in a box.)  I was just recently in Minneapolis, MN for a week and I threw a couple of the packets in my purse and was really happy I did because while in flight, I used it on my hands, cuticles and the ends of my hair, which tend to get really dry on airplanes.  It also worked great as my nighttime face moisturizer (I only packed a daytime face moisturizer with SPF and really did not want to use something with SPF at night.)  The oil contains 100% organic olive oil, sunflower oil, vitamin e, lavender and geranium essential oils.  It has a very light and clean fragrance (perfect for the plane because the fragrance won’t offend your neighbors.)

Since O.N.E Olive Oil Nourishing Enrichment worked so great on my hands, cuticles, face and hair, it makes perfect sense for me to get the normal sized bottle to try out on the rest of my body…plus I would prefer to save my travel sized packets for…well, traveling and now that I am back in Miami I can’t wait to toss them in my beach bag and head to the ocean for a day of relaxation and beautification.  My initial excitement for O.N.E Olive Oil Nourishing Enrichment was due to how hassle free it made traveling, now I am excited about it because it is simply amazing.

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Bucket List: The Beach House at Iruveli Maldives

Finally! The warmer weather seems like it’s here to stay, summer seems to be inching closer and that means it’s about that time that I start daydreaming of places I can vacation. Being the spa girl that I am, I 99.99999% of the time look for a resort that includes a spa. It just so happened that in the midst of staring out the window to the blue skies the other day that I received an email about De’ Spa at The Beach House Iruveli Maldives. I clicked the link for the resort’s website and I was magically taken in and forgot all about life for a few brief moments.

The Beach House Iruveli Maldives has 83 villas, all of which are on the beach or on the water. The imagery on the website will take your breath away. Due to growing up in Rhode Island, and as I’ve mentioned countless times before, I have a long-term love affair with water. I cannot even begin to image my happiness quotient if I were to find myself in any one of their many luxurious, water-view villas like the one pictured here.

The De’ Spa is an open-air spa with ten massage pavilions dotted among lush tropical greenery linked by winding pathways flanked by a bubbling stream. The spa uses Aromatherapy Associates products in its Ayurveda and traditional Maldivian philosophies and offers a range of exclusive treatments harnessing the qualities of 100% natural essential oils. Two that caught my eye?

Fresh Coconut Scrub (45 min): Freshly shredded and locally grown coconut gently exfoliates the skin, smoothing away the effects of the salt water and sun. Your body will then be soaked in an intensely hydrating fresh coconut blend, leaving your sun-kissed skin soft and supple (and probably smelling good enough to eat.)

After The Sun (60 min): Relax as a unique infusion of lavender oil delivers intense healing properties, peppermint oil cools the skin and regenerative rose oil rescues a distressed skin. A hydrating mask is applied to the face while the body is lathered in nourishing shea butter and hydrating rose gel. To finish, an Ayurvedic scalp massage releases tension for an all-over relaxing, restorative treatment. (And hopefully your “before the sun” treatment was applying a broad spectrum UVA/UVB sunscreen SPF 30+!)

Since this resort and spa meets my “beyond my wildest dreams” criteria, I’m adding this to my bucket list of resorts I’d like to vacation at sometime in the future. What about you? Have you ever been here?

You can learn more about them at

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Travel Beauty: Weekend in Rhode Island

Last weekend I returned to my home state of Rhode Island for a family event. As always I snapped a quick shot of the beauty products that came along for the ride.

Travel Beauty
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Review: The Lodge At Woodloch Women’s Retreat

Last Christmas my husband gave me a gift certificate to The Lodge at Woodloch. It is listed as one of Forbes Top Ten Most Luxurious Spa’s and it happens to be only about 30 minutes from my house. I finally got to use this gift certificate this weekend and treated myself to a facial and massage.

Before I even get to the review of the treatments, The Lodge at Woodloch has a fabulous Women’s Retreat (and a separate one for men) that is also worthy of a write up. You get a locker to store your clothes, bags etc. which is really not a “locker” at all. It is a gorgeous wood mini storage closet, complete with shelves and a hook to store your things. It has an electronic keypad, where you determine the lock code for safe, secure access to your things. In between storage units are oversized leather ottoman’s. On the other side of the storage units is a room filled with plush comfy seats, leather chairs, an entire glass window wall that looks out to a lake and a roaring fireplace. There is a counter with fresh fruits, nuts and teas available.

There are two hallways that contain 5 private shower rooms each with stone flooring in the glass shower stalls and has Rosemary scented Shampoo, Conditioner, Shower Gel and Lotion. A large vanity room joins both hallways and comes complete with hair dryers, curling irons, hair styling products and everything necessary to freshen up.

The Women’s Retreat also has a whirlpool in a frosted glass enclosed room. The frosted glass gives you small peaks of the outdoors with its fern stenciling. In a separate room in the same area of the whirlpool is a steam room, a sauna that boasts scents of lavender and an enclosed porch with a view of the lake. A pitcher of iced water and fresh slices of lemon await you on a table outside all of the rooms.

Further into the retreat is the Aqua Garden. It has a large indoor pool and a waterfall that cascades in to a multi-level whirlpool (one on an upper level and one below it). The Aqua Garden is surrounding by windows on 3 sides and just outside is the Horizon Whirlpool that is heated enough that it can be used in the winter.

The Women’s Retreat can be used by spa patrons for one hour before treatments and up to one hour after your treatments have completed. The Women’s Retreat alone is worth a visit to The Lodge at Woodloch.

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